Boomerang 11M - Documentary by Arturo Prins

BOOMERANG 11M – 2008

Director: Arturo Prins

Screenwriter: Arturo Prins

Genre: Documentary

Running time: 70 min.

The major terrorist attack that Spain has experienced, the fateful March 11, 2004, and the social and political turmoil resulted in the following days, serve as an argument for a documentary that tries to find causes and consequences of what happened. The story goes back to the beginning of the Iraq war and the controversial meeting in the Azores islands between Aznar, Bush and Blair presidents. Bomerang 11M tries to explain why Spain became the target of Islamist terrorism, and how the government handled the tragedy before their president elections. This documentary is directly inspired by the movie “Redacted” by Brian de Palma. Arturo Prins, recognizes that after watching the film he felt he had to do something similar in Spain, with the terrible attack of the 11M, and the management of the tragedy by the Aznar conservative government. We go back to the beginning of the Iraq war supported by the controversial Bush-Blair-Aznar presidents, comparing it with the Vietnam fiasco.