Filmography by Arturo Prins
Arturo Prins

“Je n’ai rien à dire” (2023)

Script: Jean-Luc Godard and Arturo Prins

A painter in search of the legendary Jean-Luc Godard travels to Rolle, Switzerland, where he lives, to gift him an artwork. Their meeting was the same day and month that JLG decided to die, but two years before. However, fate had a surprise prepared for him: Godard was reborn as a child in Buenos Aires. Now, the painter undertakes a journey through the filmmaker’s thoughts, remembering his latest “Socialist Film”, and the letter he dedicated to the director of the Cannes Festival, while he tries to meet one last time with the genius reborn in that city. This strange film letter, is a stimulating and revulsive farewell that celebrates the life and work of a master of the seventh art.

“Ser humano / Être humain” Trailer (2023)

Script: “Tratado sobre El Fuego Cósmico” de Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul

A Voyeur camera contemplates the banality of human beings on a beach on the French Riviera in a moment of leisure and recreation. However, through some esoteric texts of Transhimlayic Buddhism, certain secrets of its past and future will be revealed to us. According to these teachings, “Human Being” is a film that looks at man from above, his goal, his destiny, his path in cosmic evolution, his effort, his fall on the moon, his link with the other kingdoms of nature. , with The Planetary logos and the Solar Logos. The path that awaits each man in connection with the whole, without him yet being aware of it.