Estado impuro - Fiction by Arturo Prins


Director: Arturo Prins

Screenwriter: Juan Carlos Sampedro y Arturo Prins

Genre: Fiction / Drama

Running time: 142 min.

In the farm of Daniel, a young painter and beekeeper, two friend couples were invited by him to enjoy his lunch. The day goes smoothly. Married couples are composed of a gray lawyer Esteban and his frustrated wife Natalia, and a perfectionist engineer Francis and his beautiful young and inquisitive wife, Paola. Everything begins to change when two friends of Daniel arrives, a brilliant and famous international actress, Alexia, with his handsome and mysterious companion Jacobo. To the dismay of all, they discover that the three are a throuple or a trigamy. But when the situation seems to normalize the provocative actress reveals the real reason why Daniel has invited all to his farm, to offer them a special gift: an orgy with his beloved new girlfriend and actress. Everything will end in a big orgy … and the peaceful lunch then becomes a devastating earthquake for marriages.

State of impurity - Fiction by Arturo Prins