Strike 2 - Short movie by Arturo Prins

STRIKE 2 – 2006

Director: Arturo Prins

Screenwriter: Arturo Prins

Genre: Suspense

Running time: 5 min.

A young student arrives for lunch at a university where she meets a strange Moroccan. This seems to ignore Western manners to steal her food. Surprised, she will attempt to educate him by the example of share. But reality always strikes. Sometimes, even twice.

You are never too tolerant. There is always someone more tolerant willing to prove it.

With this short movie, I did a workshop with Thomas Vinterberg, the creator of DOGMA 95 for “Cinexplora TOYOTA”. I was awarded with the Second Award of Toyota with a scholarship to study in the European Film College of Denmark.

The Ministry of Culture of Spain through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has purchased the rights to the short film “Strike 2” to be shown in all Spanish embassies in the world for ten years.