La mar que te trajo - Short moovie by Arturo Prins


Director: Arturo Prins

Screenwriter: Arturo Prins

Genre: Essay / Documentary

Running time: 29 min.

In a continuous observation of everyday life in the sea of the Gulf of Thailand, on the island of Koh Chang, a calendar of miracles is happening at the edge of a beach and are registered as mini stories, a visual massage or a set of dances of the nature.
In this string of small wonders, the camera as a cinéma-œile is following the strange beings that the sea brings us from the hand of composers such as Debussy, Cage, Bartok and Ligeti. Not only tourists from Siberia come to these waters or sellers of coco-sculptures, but also water nymphs, jellyfish, beautiful insects and strange sea creatures that inhabit the beaches of Southeast Asia.
It all starts with the deafening sound of crickets in the Cambodian jungle, in Angkor Wat, and ends in Mahahual with a strange character in the Mexican Caribbean beaches, where giant cruise ships dock at its port with a beautiful lighthouse.