Damn New York - Documentary by Arturo Prins


Director: Arturo Prins

Screenwriter: Arturo Prins y Julio Camba

Genre: Documentary

Running time: 78 min.

Damn New York, is a letter-film based on the travel diaries of a painter during his stay in the city in 2012. His voiceover runs an atypical Manhattan; a puzzle of interlocking neighbourhoods and people that belies the mirage of a city and its hypnosis, its disenchantment, the hidden face of its luminescence, the hidden side of New York.
An unlove story letter, far from postcards, a reflection of ambition. Damn New York could be the portrait of a disappointment, a city myth that slowly devours its inhabitants and requires them, dazzled by the lights, a devilish contract that exhaust all their energies. Portrait of new yorkers inhabitants and not their occasional tourist, those wills running after a desperate ambition. Succeed or survive.
A trip to a harsh winter, not their low temperatures but the one you suffer through its inhospitable cold citizens, dropping the veil of illusion that this metropolis produces. New York is not what it was decades ago; their creativity and strength agonize.