Ser Humano - Documentary by Arturo Prins

ÊTRE HUMAIN / SER HUMANO (Film essay 2024)

Director: Arturo Prins

Screenwriter: Arturo Prins

Genre: Film essay

Running time: 60 min.

A Voyeur camera contemplates on a beach on the French Riviera the banality of human beings in a moment of leisure and recreation. However, through some esoteric texts of transhimlayic Buddhism, certain secrets of its past and future will be revealed to us. According to these teachings, “Human Being” is a film that looks at man from above, his goal, his destiny, his path in cosmic evolution, his effort, his fall on the moon, his link with the other kingdoms of nature, with the Planetary Logos and the Solar Logos. The path that awaits each man in connection with the whole, without him even being aware of it.