Le nouveau monde amoureux - Documentary by Arturo Prins


Director: Arturo Prins

Screenwriter: Charles Fourier

Genre: Documentary

Cast: Sophie Merrison, May Angelique, Azucena Cendejas, Lalo Vacas and Arturo Prins

Documentary based on the radical thoughts of the French philosopher, Charles Fourier, who in 1809 wrote his text “The Praise of Polygamy: an erotic, social and utopic proposal, which presents an unthinkable freedom even today.
This documentary is a proactive confrontation of polygamy versus monogamy. Two women and one man will form a loving throuple that will recite Fourier in the streets, in the mountains, in the parks, and will interview couples until they reach the wounds of an unsuccessful format, which makes water everywhere, the classic monogamy format.
They will discover the lies and hypocrisy of conventional relations. Between orgies and provocative images of this trio, we will confirm in compilations of shortcuts and fragments of old and contemporary movies, the number of directors who dared to address the issue of polygamy: “Design for Living” -1933- (Dir.Ernst Lubitsch) “Jules et Jim” -1968- (Dir. François Truffaut) “Frente al mar” -1978- (Dir. Gonzalo García Pelayo) “Manhattan” 1979 Dir. Woody Allen, “Eyes Wide Shut” -1999- (Dir.Stanley Kubrick) “Marie Jo y sus dos amantes” -2003- (Dir.Robert Guédiguian) “Shortbus” -2006- (Dir. John Cameron Mitchell) “Trainwreck” – 2015 – (Dir. Judd Apatow) “Las hijas del Fuego” -2018- (Dir. Albertina Carri)